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Beit Yanai Webcam, Live Ashdod Yam View

 Asia, Israel, Ashdod

Location Information:

Ashdod-Yam is an Iron Age archaeological site on the Mediterranean coast of Israel in southern part of the modern city of Ashdod and about 5 kilometres southwest of Tel Ashdod (site of one of the ancient cities of the Philistines). The site is mentioned in documents from the time of Sargon II of Assyria when in 713 BCE the Assyrian king speaks of having to depose an usurper who had taken over control of the city of Ashdod and had fortified it, Gath, and Ashdod-Yam.

Byzantine settlement Azotus Paraliyus was established in the site in 4th century as trade and harbor site of located eastern regional center Azotus Mesagius. Building of sea gates for cities distanated from the sea started form Persian reign in the area in eighth century BCE. The remains of Byzantine period (including big church) were found over 2km northern from Iron Age site. The majority of the area was not excavated and covered under sand dunes.

The "Kal'at Al Mina" Ashdod-yam citadel was built in Fatimid period as part of Arab coast fortifications against strong Byzantine navy.

The site was excavated by Jacob Kaplan from 1965 to 1968 on behalf of the Tel Aviv-Jaffa Museum of Antiquities. Finds at the site include sections of city fortification walls and a glacis. Pottery found at the site suggests that the fortifications were constructed in the second half of the eighth century BCE and that a second phase of occupation occurred during the seventh century BCE when the site was no longer fortified.

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