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Mackay Webcam

 Oceania, Australia, Mackay
Location:  Oceania, Australia, Mackay

Category: City cam

Description: View of Wood Street in the Central Queensland city of Mackay

Location Information:


Mackay is a city on the eastern coast of Queensland, Australia, about 970 kilometres (603 mi) north of Brisbane, on the Pioneer River. Mackay is nicknamed the sugar capital of Australia because its region produces more than a third of Australia's cane sugar.

There is controversy about the geographic location of the region, with most people referring to it as a part of North Queensland, much confusion still lies within the Queensland Government, with Government Services being provided through both Townsville (North Queensland) and Rockhampton (Central Queensland). Generally, the area is known as the Mackay / Whitsunday Region. Equally, there has always been much contention over the pronunciation of the name Mackay.

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