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Toronto Chinese New Year Parade Live Webcam Feed

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Toronto this year, Chinese New Year is January 23 . It is celebrated at the same time in Canada as in China. Canada has a significant Chinese population, with major cities like Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto featuring bustling Chinatowns.

Across Canada, every January / February - although the date changes year to year - we celebrate Chinese New Year with parades (see parade photos), performances and food. Cities in Canada will often have a Chinese community or cultural centre; check these for related events. You may also try tourism websites for events. One of the most awaited festivals of the whole world is the Chinese New Year. A principal festival of the Chinese community, it is also known as Lunar New Year and is celebrated in various parts of the world. Lunar New Year is celebrated is not only in countries having significant population of Chinese, but also in different countries like Australia, United States and Canada. Canada is one of the countries outside Asia where Chinese New Year is elaborately celebrated. Toronto, the biggest city of Canada, celebrates Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year or Spring Festival like any other Chinese populated countries. Like every year, Chinese New Year in Toronto, will include a number of interesting events and will be witnessed by a large number of audiences.

The city of Toronto celebrates Chinese New Year as grandly as any other festival or event. Lunar New Year celebration in Toronto has indeed become an important festival, especially for the Chinese community residing in the city. The Metro Toronto Convention Center arranges numerous shows which are usually performed by the Divine Performing Arts during the Chinese New Year.

Chinatown of Toronto celebrates this grand festival. The different parts of the Chinatown are decorated beautifully to welcome the New Year. For enjoying the liveliness of the celebration and the decorations and arrangements, bicycle tours are the best options.

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