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Aalborg Webcam

Europe, Denmark, Aalborg

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Aalborg or Ålborg is a Danish industrial and university city in North Jutland. Its population, as of 2010, is 197,426, making it the fourth largest in the country after Copenhagen, Århus, and Odense. The earliest settlements date back to around AD 700. Its location by the Limfjord made it an important harbour during the Middle Ages, and an industrial centre later. Today, the city is in transition from a working-class, industrial, city to a knowledge-based one.

The annual Aalborg Carnival takes place in the weekend of week 21 (usually the last week in May). The Carnival is actually three events, the children's carnival (Børnekarneval), the battle of carnival bands, and the carnival itself. During the carnival, Aalborg receives about 100,000 people. The children's carnival is a carnival dedicated to the children, with performances and activities for children. On Friday "The Battle of Carnival Bands" is an exciting and colourful evening with processions through the city when all the participating groups compete to be the leading carnival group.

The carnival itself is the following Saturday – on this day the city centre is full of life. The streets are filled with gaily dressed people who are in a real spring mood. In Kildeparken concerts are given from various stages all day to midnight. The Carnival ends with a grand firework display.

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