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Greek Independence Day Parade New York Live Stream NYC

World Events, March , Greece Independence Parade New York City

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The New York City's Greek Independence Day Parade is more than a single day event, but a full month's worth of fun and festivities. The detailed itinerary follows below, and includes a flag raising in Downtown Manhattan, a dinner gala in Midtown, a reception at the Onassis Foundation, and the parade itself preceded by church services and a breakfast.

Greek Independence day is a celebration of the success of the Greek revolution, and enjoyed by the large Greek population In New York city, The background of the event comes form The Fall of Constantinople in 1453 and the subsequent fall of the successor states of the Byzantine Empire marked the end of Byzantine sovereignty. After that, the Ottoman Empire ruled the Balkans and Anatolia, although there were some exceptions. Orthodox Christians were granted some political rights under Ottoman rule, but they were considered inferior subjects. The majority of Greeks were called rayas by the Turks, a name that referred to the large mass of non-Muslim subjects in the Ottoman ruling class. Meanwhile, Greek intellectuals and humanists, who had migrated west before or during the Ottoman invasions, such as Demetrius Chalcocondyles and Leonardos Philaras, began to call for the liberation of their homeland. However, Greece was to remain under Ottoman rule for several more centuries. In the 18th and 19th century, as revolutionary nationalism grew across Europe, including the Balkans (due, in large part, to the influence of the French Revolution to the Ottoman Empire's power declined and Greek nationalism began to assert itself, with the Greek cause beginning to draw support not only from the large Greek merchant diaspora in both Western Europe and Russia but also from Western European Philhellenes. This Greek movement for independence was not only the first movement of national character in Eastern Europe, but also the first one in a non-Christian environment, like the Ottoman Empire

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