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Halloween in Transylvania at Dracula's Castle Live Stream

World Events, October , Transylvanian Society of Dracula's Halloween party

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Halloween in Romania is celebrated around the myth of "Dracula" on October 31. In Transylvania and especially in the city of Sighişoara, there are many costume parties, for teenagers and adults, that are created from the US model. Also the spirit of Dracula is believed to live there because the town was the site of many witch trials; these are recreated today by actors on the night of Halloween.

The Halloween Party is without a doubt one of the most remarkable events anyone could experience in Romania. The flavour of the Romanian cuisine mingled with the melodious folk songs, unique events and unexpected surprises will prove that every legend has a little bit of truth in it!

The guests are welcomed with a traditional Romanian drink prepared especially for the cold season a shot of Romanian fire water boiled with pepper will increase the interest in the delicious mouth-watering traditional dishes prepared for the Halloween party. The Master of Ceremony, one of Draculas many subjects, will introduce the guests to the programme of the evening making sure every one will meet his fate!

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