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Dublin Webcam

Europe, Ireland, Dublin

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Dublin is the primate and capital city of Ireland. The English name is derived from the Irish Dubh Linn (meaning "black pool"). The city has an urban population of over 1 million people and is located near the midpoint of Ireland's east coast, at the mouth of the River Liffey and at the centre of the Dublin Region. Originally founded as a Viking settlement, it evolved into the Kingdom of Dublin and became the island's primary city following the Norman invasion. It is currently ranked 29th in the Global Financial Centres Index, has one of the fastest growing populations of any European capital city, and is listed by the GaWC as a global city (with a ranking of Alpha), placing Dublin among the top 30 cities in the world. It is a historical and contemporary cultural centre for the country, as well as a modern centre of education, the arts, administration, economy and industry.

Dublin city covers a land area of approximately 115 km2. It is situated at the mouth of the River Liffey, which cuts through the lowlands and flows into the Irish Sea. In the south, Dublin is bordered by a low mountain range. The surrounding counties to the north and west of Dublin are surrounded by flat farmland.[18] Traditionally, a north versus south division has existed in Dublin with the River Liffey as the dividing line. The Northside is generally seen as working-class, while the Southside is seen as middle and upper middle class.

The divide is punctuated by examples of Dublin "sub-culture" stereotypes, with upper-middle class constituents seen as tending towards an accent and demeanour synonymous with the Southside, and working-class Dubliners seen as tending towards accents and demeanour associated with Northside and inner-city Dublin neighbourhoods. The economic divide in Dublin is east-west as well as north-south. There are also social divisions evident between the coastal suburbs in the east of the city, including those on the northside, and the newer developments further to the wes

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