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Ala Webcam Trento Province

  Europe, Italy, Ala

Location Information:

Ala is an Italian commune in the Province of Trento, with 7,530 inhabitants according to the 2003 census. The Province of Trento often referred simply as Trentino, is an autonomous province of Italy). In the local languages, typically the word Trentin is used.

The Province of Trento is one of the two provinces which make up Italy's region of Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol, which itself is an autonomous region. The province is divided into 223 comuni (municipalities). Its capital is the town of Trento. The province has an area of 6,207 km² and a total population of 507,030 (2006). The region is renowned for its mountains, such as the Dolomites, which are part of the Alps.

The Province of Trento is an almost entirely mountainous province with a main valley crossing it in its center. This valley is called Valle dell'Adige (Adige Valley), named after the Adige river flowing within it. The principal towns of Trentino lay on the Adige Valley as it is the largest one and has been a historical passage connecting Italy with Northern Europe. Among other important valleys are Val di Non, known for its apple production, Val di Sole, Val Giudicarie, which has been historically contended by Trento and Brescia, Val di Fiemme and many others.

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