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Welcome to the World News section of On this page we will bring regular updates of breaking and popular news events from around the world, with the specific aim being to have a webcam view pointing at or near the news source location.

The primary objective of these pages is for global events will be recorded and updated, wherever possible with an accompanying webcam view so you can monitor and observer them first hand - an excellent and safer alternative to actually being there first hand.

Please also view our Webcam News page, where we post periodic updates from the regions and areas that our camera views are located, pointing out some of the best times to view each particular webcam, whether is be a special event, especially interesting meteorological conditions or just a spectacular sunset, this is the page to find the details.

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Latest News: BP oil spill costs reach $2.65bn

Oil spill live pictures

BP has said the cost of cleaning up the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico has now reached $2.65bn (1.76bn).

The oil giant said this included the cost of the spill response, containment, relief well drilling, grants to Gulf states and claims paid.

The total has risen to an average of $100,000 a day over the past three days - the highest daily average so far.

The company said more than 39,000 people were now involved in the response effort.

More than 80,000 claims had been submitted, BP said, and it had made 41,000 payments totalling more than $128m.

BP added it was too early to quantify other potential costs and liabilities arising from the incident.. Full article

Webcam view


Taiwan - trade pact with China sparks street protest in Taipei

Taipei live city view

Tens of thousands of demonstrators in Taiwan have been venting their anger at a trade deal with China, to be signed on Tuesday.

Supporters say it will boost Taiwan's economy but critics fear it could pave the way for a Chinese takeover.

China and Taiwan have been separately governed since the end of a civil war in 1949, though China still sees the island as its territory.

Leaders of the opposition Democratic Progressive Party are calling for Taiwan to hold a referendum on the pact, known as the Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement.

Police said around 32,000 people took part in the protests. The opposition said there were 100,000 demonstrators on the streets.

"The Taiwanese have worked so hard to achieve the democracy we have today, and we will not allow China to control us," he continued.

Another demonstrator, Wu Hsien-che, dismissed the deal as "sugar-coated poison". Full article

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