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Pamplona Webcam - The Running of the Bulls Live

Europe, Spain, Pamplona

Location Information:

Pamplona is the capital city of Navarre, Spain and of the former kingdom of Navarre. The city is famous worldwide for the San Fermín festival, from July 7 to 14, in which the running of the bulls or encierro is one of the main attractions. This fiesta, known as Sanfermines to the local population, was first brought to widespread attention by Ernest Hemingway in his first novel, The Sun Also Rises.

The Pamplona encierro is the most popular running of the bulls in Spain and is broadcast live by two national television channels. It is the highest profile event of the San Fermin festival, which is held every year from July 7–14. The first bull running is on July 7, followed by one on each of the following mornings of the festival, beginning every day at 8am.

Being over eighteen and entering the itinerary before 7:30 are the main requirements to participate. Other prohibitions are to run under the influence of alcohol, run in the opposite direction of the running or inciting the bulls. Pamplona is located in the middle of Navarre, in a rounded valley known as the Cuenca de Pamplona, that links the mountainous North with the Ebro valley and is 92 kilometres from the town of San Sebastián, and 407 kilometres from the capital city of Madrid. The climate and landscape of the Cuenca is a transition between those two main Navarrese geographical regions. Its central position at crossroads has served as a commercial link between those very different natural parts of Navarre.

The historical center of Pamplona is on the right bank of the Arga, a tributary of the Ebro. The city has developed on both sides of the river. Its climate is Oceanic with influences of Continental Mediterranean.

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